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Alliant Bullseye Smokeless Powder(4 pound)


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                      Alliant Bullseye Smokeless Powder for sale

Billions of rounds have been loaded with Bullseye since it was introduced in 1913.

• Fast burning and consistent
• Economical and accurate

Alliant Bullseye Smokeless Powder (4 lb.)

Every container of Alliant Smokeless Powder is backed by a century of manufacturing experience and the most exacting quality control procedures in the industry. Chemical composition, grain shape and size, and overall density are constantly checked and tested in a ballistics lab to ensure consistency.

Alliant Bullseye Smokeless Powder in stock

Bullseye, a smokeless pistol powder, was originally introduced to shooters in 1913. It’s fast burning, consistent, economical and ideal for loading 45 ACP target loads.

Warnings from the Manufacturer:

  • Do not exceed the loads displayed in the reloaders guide.
  • Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source.
  • Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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